High Quality Artist Grade Colored Pencils 50 vibrant colors Great for Adult Coloring. Non-Toxic!

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  • COMPLETE SET OF 50 PENCIL COLORS: A full rainbow of 50 eye-catching colors at your disposal. Premium quality pencils with incredible vibrant and bold colors that feature a pre-sharpened tip. Pencils provide super smooth coloring every time making them perfect for the young aspiring artist to the established art professional.
  • UNLIMITED USES: Let your imagination run wild when using these pencils, as they're ideal for drawing, coloring, sketching, scrapbooking, crafting, doodling, filling in adult coloring books or anything else that allows you to show off your creative side and produce stunning artwork.
  • HIGH QUALITY WAX BASED LEAD - These Premium pencils are produced with carefully selected high-quality pigments. Our pencils have soft, delicate qualities and bold, crisp sharpness.
  • COLOR COORDINATED BARRELS Each easy to hold pencil is painted to match its lead color.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: This set comes in a reusable plastic case that snaps closed and has a carry handle.

Great for Adult Coloring! High quality drawing pencils for writing, drawing and sketching Premium Pencils made with carefully selected high-quality pigments Wax-based colors with unique rendering qualities and a touch of colorful brilliance • 50 vibrant Colored Pencils, All with color coordinated barrels matching each color • Comes in a reusable snap plastic case with convenient carry handle

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