Polka Dot Plastic Tablecloth Hot Pink & White and Black & White, and Two Packages of Polka Dot Balloons

Sale price $14.99 Regular price $18.99
  • Package includes Two Table covers - One Black and One Hot Pink With white polka dot And 6 Hot Pink And 6 Black Polka Dot balloons with kedudes small Black and white birthday candle 2.5 inches - 
  • Plastic Black Polka Dot Table Cover measures 108" x 54" Each
  • Use to protect any party table from spills, stains, drinks rings, and party crafts
  • An assortment of Hot Pink and Black with White Polka Dot Balloons (6 balloons each pack)
  • The classic pattern is Great for a Minnie Mouse birthday party, ladybug theme, graduation party, engagement party, Halloween party, and more

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